Hi, I'm so glad you're here. It is an honor that you would consider me as a potential therapist.

A little about me.

I am graduated from Catawba College where I studied Theatre, Sociology and English. I have a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology.

As a student at The Seattle School, I attained 300+ hours of practicum and supervision experience.  I gained 1,000 + hrs experience working with at-risk youth, adults, and families in a community-based mental health setting in South Seattle. After graduating, I also worked at The Seattle School, as a Practicum Facilitator where I worked with first year counseling and theology students in a group and individual setting as they explored their past, present, and future. I have an extensive history working with youth of all ages in various educational and leadership focused settings. I spent a year as an extern at Seattle Therapy Alliance, working with women from different backgrounds. At Seattle Therapy Alliance, now MEND. I participated and engaged in Critical Social Theory training, where we explored the intersectionality of race, gender, sexuality, and class and their impact on clinical work. I am a theatre artist who continues to find connections between my art form and my work as a therapist.

In therapy, as in theatre, we bear witness to the transformative healing power of story.  As a theatre artist I create and collaborate with others. Similarly, as a therapist, I am not an observer to another’s story–I am a participant. Together, we gather and organize data and bring a client’s story into the world. We try to make sense of our character—our histories, our desires, and what motivates us. We bear our most vulnerable parts as we cling to the hope that something will begin to make sense, a story will emerge, and we will understand ourselves better. Just like a good play, therapy brings us right up to the core of who we are–it asks us to really look at ourselves, question ourselves, and ultimately embrace our many flaws and what makes us beautifully human. It will be an honor to collaborate with you as we pursue the goodness, the peace, and the power that exists within us and between us.

In my free time, I like to spend time with my friends and my family, go hiking or walking, practice yoga, and cook and eat delicious food. I love animals, movies, wholistic healing, and learning new things. I am an actor and a playwright and am pursuing various outlets for using drama/theatre in therapeutic spaces. I deeply value laughter and playfulness.

I am passionate about social justice/advocacy and dismantling systems of oppression. I believe that the work we do to bring awareness and thoughtfulness to our unconscious behaviors, biases, beliefs about ourselves and others is a part of this process.  I identify as a straight, white, cis-gendered, female.

I am a current member of the Northwest Alliance for Psychoanalytic Study. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate (#MC60596231) practicing under the supervision of Licensed Mental Health Counselor Smruti Desai (#LH60301453).